Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Welcome Back Seri Meradun Restaurant

Enjoyin ma ABC *Da abc is totally dfer from other* Im Luvin It HeheheMango Fish
Ginger Beef
Sotong Masak KicapSweet & Sour Prawns

Ive been searchin dmana Seri Meradun or when will dey start deir business again afta wat had happen to deir restaurant..Remember da buildin which was burnt down due to electrical failure and dat includes Seri Meradun Restaurant..

After a small conversation between mababe n her sis-in-law, she told mababe dat da restaurant are now relocated next to SCR..diz restaurant becomes one of ma fav for thai foods bfore Bann Nucha and Nur Wanita..wat i luv most is deir abc, mango fish and nasi ayam..Da nasi ayam is totally different from others as well as da abc..Dz restaurant was firstly recommended by mababe n she was da 1 who brought me der..

So if u guys wana give a try do stop by..its located next to SCR also at da back of Merz Showroom Gadong..

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