Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lunch at Nur Wanita

Nice stand for keepin ur stuffs safe
Tom Kha Seafoods
Pad Prik Pow Squid
Pad Gratiem Prawns
Mun Hoi Beefs

Had lunch at Nur Wanita which was located at Kiarong next to Mubarak book store..I think its da 2nd or 3rd simpang from the Baiduri Finance..Dis restaurant was recommended by SHOPAHOLIC and i MUST SAY its AMAZIN..da services was very quick and da foods is VERY2 NICE..we shall recommend it to every1 who loves Thai Cuisine..

A BIG Thanks to shopaholic for da great recommendation..N 2 every1 who's willin 2 share and recommend a place to eat do let us know ayt..THANKS SO MUCH..

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