Monday, August 3, 2009

Makan2 at Lamunin

Mababe FbinFifiGbahFaizul
Baby Santa Farish ;p
Photos taken by Fifi, Amal & Gbah
Afta attended cuzy's weddin at Lambak, at 4pm we went to makan2 at Lamunin at ma aunt place..nothin special to share besides den we guys cuzies were plannin for our next outin p alum jua sure kan buat apa n when hehehe..

Afta function we den headed back home to ngangah's house which is also at Lamunin..plannin to have sushi for dinner but since we kinda partially full so it might be a waste so instead we went to HuaHo Tanjong Bunut jalan2 and eatin DQ icecreams and pizza..miss to hangout wiv da cuzies..

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