Friday, August 28, 2009

Sumthin to share

Its da 8th day puasa today and alhamdulillah everythin went well so far..Had our first sungkai dine out lastnyte at JPCC Tarrindak wiv mababe's family and her sista treat us was a great one tho n more den 200 foods to choose from..but i aint countin it and i dun think its more den 200 as per mentioned..but again da foods is marvellous..grilled wings and lambs were also available..mee kari, mee sup,kuewtiaw, mee goreng, martabak and much2 more hehehe..

Cotton candy and popcorn also available for da kiddos and with da whole lots only costs us $20 per adult and $10 per kiddos..durin our dinner wat i love most was da icecream and bubur lambuk beras laila hehehe..very nice indeed..

Anyway ma dad off to China already last thurs and he was on da paper was a day earlier den da schedule but alhamdulillah everythin is good and well prepared..he will be only back in Brunei on 17th Sept which is roughly 3 days before Hari Raya..

Lately ive heard rumours bout me spreadin at da office but i wont take it seriously coz dey duno wats da real story behind it..n for u who cant keep ur ass from ur own prob den u better pray to Allah to be a better person..just bare in mind dat karma is a bitch and it will bite u in da i assume before it aint too late do MYOB..thanks to ma boss for lettin me noe about dis matter and its a very good decision to tell me bout it..

I dun wana talk much about maself n ma probs coz it wont work out by whinnin too much but again do mind ur own things..organize ur own stuffs before tryin to destroy others..

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