Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Assalammualaikum to u *Mesti jawab ni if ure muslim ;p*..First of all, me n mababe would like to memohon seribu kemaafan jika lau ada tersalah kata, terkasar kata, termakan, terminum and semua yg bermula daripada TER..I noe its kinda early but it will neva b too early for anythin good..

Other than that, thanks to Adeey for treatin us at Faize last week..semoga dimurahkan rezeki and mendapat rezeki yang lain dimasa akan datang AMIN..also thanks to Nita who is mababe's colleagues for treatin us at KTM Jerudong..semoga dimurahkan rezeki lagi dan diberkati allah sentiasa AMIN..

Hmm..wat else?oh yeah just a quick reminder to cuzies Bg Boy, Ka Umie, Ka Eyah, Bg Kim, Ka Nurol, Gbah and Amal dont forget our lunch date dis Friday at Excapade Gadong 11am..Please dont bring along ur kids ayt coz its been a while we din enjoy and catchin up with one another without da lil 1..juz few hours leavin em behind..n please do make a confirmation earlier so dat its easy for me to make an early reservation..

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