Monday, August 17, 2009

Visit to Tutong's Hospital

Had another visit to Tutong's Hospital yesterday and it was an appointment given by da doctor..As we reached at da hospital, we registered and left un-notified wetha to wait for a number or simply wait at da waitin area which is near by da doctor's room..Almost 15mins waitin, i decided to ask da registration lady and told her dat i have an appointment wiv dat 1 particular doc..As i expect she's incharge for a different clinic and i told da lady i dun wana c any other doc besides den her..

Da lady behind da glass insisted me to see different docs and i finally agreed..well since orang nya na merati dat i actually wana c ma doc a2 so i gave a shot..its not dat im choosy or sumthin but im comfortable with da doc sudah but suddenly ma case a2 kana refer to different doc and dey dun really noe wat actually happen to me besides den readin all da comments or prescription yang kana wrote at a piece of paper inside ma file..

Frustrated?Yes n i decided not to take ma medication afta dat but mababe convinced me and said somethin nice to me so i deleted da lil info in ma mind not to take it..dats da purpose of havin sum1 who u really love in ur lyf so dat dey can be ur everythin..;-) *huGz*

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