Friday, July 30, 2010

Congrates Universal

Wuhooo..I'm jobless again and it's Saturday!So tell me about it!;p *Blank for 5 minutes and thinking what I want to write actually*Hmm..anyway congratulations to Universal VolleyBall Team for winning 3 matches so far against VB Gurls, HM's Family and Temburong..Very proud of you girls and Insyallah I will go and give a moral support on Sunday which will be against Mutiara Nusantara..

In a game though our opponents are weak, we can't take our sweet time and be too confident..This is so wrong and I dislike this type of behaviour!I'm glad everyone have the feelings that they can win but it's aint a reason to be careless and take things for granted!If you really can beat them, then the points should be 25 - Nil!So please head on the game and play smart!All the best again Universal and ma trust is always with you!Promise everyone that if Universal manage to be champions this year, We will have a BIG MAKAN time girls!

Yesterday, me and ma 2 sisters went to Kaizen Sushi Restaurant at Seria and it was ma first!Love the cozy place, staffs and the cleanliness..Have a look at the menu and it is well organized and varies!Price wise is expensive and I DISLIKE it..I still prefer Excapade then Kaizen and that's ma personal point of view!Ma tastebud doesn't like it much! ;p

Looking forward to go to Bridex tapi macam malas jua kan kesana due to the traffic and crowded with people!Will see how it goes besides ma hectic weekend this month!But for sure I won't miss to see Volleyball tourney between Universal & Mutiara Nusantara tomorrow at 9pm Insyallah!

That's it for now..Lunch Break and ma mom ain't cooking so again makan di kadai saja with ma sis Ifa..Mun tiap-tiap hari cemani gunung pun runtuh hehehe ;p

Have a great weekend everyone!

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