Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of Puasa

..Selamat Menunaikan Ibadat Puasa..

02nd September 2008

Arrived at da airport to sent ma dad off to Perak for work.

Went to Fairoz and Nazmi at Delima wiv ma 2 aunts, 2 cuzies, 2 sistas, mababe and ma 2 LilOnes.

Headed back to KB.

Arrived KB n went to SoonLee to buy Cans Fruits also went to Tamu Ramadhan to browse some foods for penyungkaian.

It was da first day of puasa and i was really tireddd to da max..i cudnt think well, i cudnt walk much n im so tireddd..but i told maself its all our dugaan dari tuhan untuk menguji hambanya durin puasa n if it wasnt to send ma dad off i wont be goin out anywer seriously..Had ma migraine durin noon tym n tummy pain..

As i arrived home, went straight to ma room n zZZzz..woke up at 540pm n prepare for sungkai hehe..again Alhamdulillah besyukur kepada Tuhan dat i manage to puasa durin da first day..

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