Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sungkai at Serikandi Belait

Brought ma family to Serikandi Restaurant for sungkai..actually we have 2 choices which is at riviera and serikandi..Ma parents chuz serikandi..da foods was quite ok but wat i regret was dat der isnt any refill!!How come a buffet dinner doesnt have any refill?DARNNNN..minuman pun nada refillllll..sighhh..banar plang murah which only cost $9 but if its like dat continuosly, nasib nda baik malastah ku dine in g dsana..comeon lah nama jua buffet mestilah orang kan makan balik2..mun nada refill better jgn buat buffet!!SIGHHHHH..better improve ehhh..

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