Monday, September 15, 2008

Sungkai at Atrium Empire

Kinda Rojak station
Ambuyat StationMee Bandung Station
Soup Station
Martabak Station
Ma Grilled prawns *Udg Galah* n honey roasted chickenDrinks station - Soyabean, Yogurt, Sugarcane & Bandung -
Our Bandung
Pais, Lalap, Vege n small fish..*Da pais n lalap so very nyaman but spicy*
Sushi n cucur *Much better d excapade*
Had sungkai at Atrium which is located at The Empire last Sunday 14th Sept..Per pax is $28 n for 2 is $61.60 includin 10% tax..I know its quite ehem..but if u like to eat n uve quite a belly den its worth ur money..Da ambuyat nyaman lagi d rizqun but yang lain was good except da sushi 2..we got der at 6pm n went back at 815pm..makan saja kami wivin dat tym non stop a2 pun inda abiz jua dmakan..

So far which i remebered da menu for dat day was 3 types of rice which was nasi grg kampong, steam rice n basmati rice..honey roasted chicken, bamboo clam, grilled seafoods consists of crabs, prawns n lamb..hmm..wat else..udang petai, spag, bubur lambuk, sweet n sour tofu n much much much more..

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