Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sungkai at OGH wiv Starz

Went for sungkai wiv some of da stargazers members..Yang ada semalam was only me n mababe, adeey n mul, amoi, nana and was our 2nd nyte sungkai at OGH n da fuds lastnyt was better den Monday..we did eat most of da fuds yet not all hehehe..luan byk bah jua kan dabizkan..

Anyway lapas kami sungkai we went to Vincci serusop liat2 slippers or shoes for raya but unfortunately nada yang saya tepakai or im too chuzy mayb..amoi n nana bought a pair of slipers/sandals and adeey bought 2 pairs of slipers/sandals..cian c mul duduk2 sha ia meliat bini nya membeli belah keke..

Afta Vincci we went to Fairoz n s we enter fairoz ada kain yang me n mababe tepakai hehe..da colours is nice and soft..afta thinkin for few minutes mababe bought 2 pairs kain which is 1 for me n another for herself..bila kan memakai??Mayb durin one of ebeh punya function kawin hehe..

Before we actually went shoppin, while we were still at OGH, we had dz kinda thing in mind which was to actually hav sushi at excapade at 930pm heheh n menjadi!!Yeahhhh we went to excapade Gdg to have sushi at 930pm..Hahaha..parut kan kami a2 but most of us only had 2 to 3 items sha and borak2 kosong..Nda g teambil gambar durin sushi..Afta sushi we headed back home and it was rainin..

Tx babe for da sungkai and da kain u bought..Hahaha 1 last words..we had fun at Fairoz kan guys!!Dun we??Kekeke

Nana & Amoi
Imas & AteinAdeey & Mul
Da Glassessss..*Tubuh 7 orang sha p cawan nya manyakkk*hehe

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