Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sungkai at Rizqun Hotel

Birthday GurlEatin icecream while headed back from Giant

Afta 2 days sungkai at OGH, lastnyte we went to Rizqun Hotel for sungkai wiv mababe's coleagues..Da foods was good and much better den last year and wiv dat it really worth our money..nda rugi seriously..mababe n i had 3 rounds of ambuyat!Seriously guys..nyaman lagi 2 cacah nya yg mababe mixed kekeke..

Afta we had our sungkai we went to Giant to pay our bills and tesliur tah lagi kan makan icecream jolibee tym sajuk2 ehehe..

Before i end up..hope its not too late to wish Happy Belated Birthday to Seri..Semoga dipanjangkan umur and dimurahkan rezeki..

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