Saturday, November 22, 2008

Emilo Surprise Bday Celebration

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Happy Bday to Emil..Last Wed we were invited by Ebih for Emel punya surprise bday celebration..we were kinda late due to heavy rain and also mababe dari bdr lapas dari SPN 21 seminar..Sorry Bihh..As soon as kami sampai sana, nda batah a2 dtg ebeh n emil..lain yg kan dsurprisekan lain plang yg surprise hahahah..aneng went out from da room kan ambil sumthin but unfortunately emil tarus muncul out of nowhere kejadianya wen emel masuk bday cake nya alum ready hehehe..but anyway we had a great tym togetha..

Da foods was great and im sure most of dem enjoyed dat nyte karoake, nari2 and begambar..da theme for dat nyte was football jerseys..

Also Tx 2 emel coz menyumbangkan few songs n surprisingly he's willin n mul 2..tx guys n not forgettin to ebeh, aneng, adeey, nana, lisa, saren n ma dearest baby..

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