Wednesday, November 12, 2008

++Me, Ma Day & MaBabe++

Full day at da office 2day n its killin damn bored since ive got nothin to do n its rainin btw so no inspection..Had ma bfast at DKM 2day wiv ma 2nd sista since ma mum n ma youngest sista went to send ma dad off to India for work purposes..Gona miss him thooo..

Lunch??No lunch for both of us since we were tired n slept at noon..Sleepin over at mababe's houz n went to Aminah Arif wiv adeey n mul mamam ambuyat..been cravin for it damn badly..suppoz 2 eat it wiv ma family 2day but da weather aint so gud..its rainin heavily n strong wind at KB..

Plannin to go to Ebeh's houz kan mendangani mengusai brg hantaran n again its rainin heavily here..sorry beh nda dapat dtg due 2 da heavy rain but insyallah mayb sat we will give u extra hand if u guys masih mengusai hantaran sorry..B4 headin back home we went to Huaho Tutong..actually plannin kan alan ke Huaho Tanjong Bunut but since da weather nda bisai so we change direction..Kononya kan mencari cermin muka but instead bli bday prezie for mababe's nephew..

Got back home rehat2 kajap, me organizin da cables n mababe memanyap2 brg dalam drawer nya sambil2 meliat gossip gurls season 2 ahirnya da outcome perfect room im off now kan mandi n spendin ma tym wiv mababy watchin gossip gurls..

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