Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A big heartful thanks to every1 for da great surprises, cakes, foods n much more..From da 1st surprises which was held at Mamih Beribi by mababe n friends to da surprise cupcakes by ma sistas especially n family n lastly from all ma cuzies n extended families..

It was really unexpected and turnin 25th happen to be more fun den i expect!Luv u guys all..*Speechless* xoxoxo..Big thanks guys..bout da treat insyallah nanti k..paksa dfrent days for dfrent crowd or maybe 1 time semua hehehe..

..HaPPy 25th BiRtHdaY 2 MaSeLf..
..HaPPy 62nd BiRtHdaY 2 TuaLaKi..
..HaPPy aDvaNce 27th BiRtHdaY 2 KaEyaH..

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