Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trip to Kuala Lumpur

We are going to KL dis comin Dec..Da 'WE' dat i mentioned earlier is Maself n Mababe, Adeey & Mul, Nana & Amoi and Aneng & Lisa..

Nana will be goin first which is on da 24th Dec follow by Adeey, Mul, Aneng, Lisa & Amoi on da 28th Dec and lastly da 2 of us which will be on da 29th Dec..Our schedule will be as follow

24th Dec
Arrival of Nana at Kuala Lumpur

28th Dec
Arrival of Adeey, Mul, Amoi, Aneng & Lisa

29th Dec
Arrival of Maself & Mababe
All of us will be headin to Genting Highlands n our meeting point is at da hotel
Havin Fun, Eatin Seafoods, n more FUN FUN FUN

30th Dec
Breakfast and spend last tym at Genting till checkout
Checkin at Bukit Bintang Hotel
Shoppin at Pavillion, KLCC, Lot10 and Bukit Bintang area
Hangout at either Planet Hollywood or Starbuck

31st Dec
Breakfast or Lunch at Nandoz
Shoppin at Bukit Bintang Area or Masjid India
Countdown for da new year *Not Sure Yet*

1st Jan
HaPPy NeW YeaR 2 every1 in Brunei
Sunway Lagoon to have more FUN FUN FUN and Ice Skatin
Shoppin at Sunway Pyramid, Midvalley and Bukit Bintang area

Maself, Mababe, Aneng, Amoi & Lisa will be goin back to Brunei on da 2nd January 09 wer as Nana, Adeey n Mul on da 3rd of January 09..

Nana will be breakin her record for da longest stay at Kuala Lumpur dis guys aint u excited?hehehe..i juz cant wait really..Btw dont forget to check ur passport n make sure ur expiry date is 6months ahead from da date we travel..

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