Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Latest Updates

I ate 5 ekor udang galah *reallyyyy BIG* and 20 ekor normal prawns but BIGMababy fav mongolian noodles

Sorry for da lack of updates..Been so busy wiv works, reports, payment, inspections and most of all L+A+Z+Y hehehe..Ok wat do u guys wana noe more about ma daily life?hmmm..Below is wat we did for da last few days..

14th November 08 *Friday*

1. Change all tyres for ma car which cost me $730
2. Went to Swensens mamam banana crumble
3. Mababe bought 2 baju for herself at Nicole Yayasan

15th November 08 *Saturday*

1. Went to Post Office Tutong mengisi borang kereta..*nda jua jadi kemiri*hehe
2. Had dinner wiv mababe at Pantai Restaurant *winKz*Thanks Baby*
3. Went to R&T survey HT for our rooms

16th November 08 *Sunday*

1. Happy Birthday Nana
2. Woke up late since its sunday
3. Went for HiTea at Rizqun
4. Watch 007 at Mall Cineplex
5. Bought ROCKBAND for ma wii at ETA Mall *To u..Thanks so much for da luvly bday gifts* Like it so damn much..*HuGz*
6. Had dinner wiv Nana at Suran
7. Unvirgin da ROCKBAND kekeke..

About da rockband thingy..we both were so excited dat as soon as we arrived home we unpacked da rockband and started to install it..da worst part was we both din noe how actually to start playin usin da instruments which is da guitar and da drum..afta an hour actin lyk a fool hahahha *we both laughed at ourself* we finally saw da tutorials options and afta few lessons, we r becomin da was really great..we end up sleepin at 12am..

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