Friday, January 2, 2009

1st Day Workin

Its ma 1st day workin 2day afta ma holidays and great vacation..our vacation to KL was great wiv all frens Adeey & Mul, Nana & Amoi, Aneng & Lisa and Nazmi *Adeey's Cuzy*..Ders quite an incidents happened durin our trip hehehe..will list it out durin ma next postin since i cant remember some of it *winKz*..

Once we reached Brunei, we went for lunch at Batu Besurat wiv mababe's bro and back home and zzzzz..mentally & physically tired..REALLY TIREDD..lapas2 bangun, freshen up and had our dinner at Aminah Arip Tutong tesliur kan mamam gelit and alhamdulillah sampai..had urat tumis, sayur kangkong, sayur pucuk, udang and ikan goreng..

And as for today we went lunch at Excapade KB..tesliur jua g casenya hehehe..we had da usual lamb misoyaki, salmon teriyaki, ebi sushi, haru maki, mini california special, kani maki and 2 plain rice..

Will upload some photos later when i get back home..LATERS


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