Sunday, January 4, 2009


To every1 yang wiv us durin da vacation..Adeey & Mul, Nana & Amoi, Aneng & Lisa also Nazmi, tx for everythin durin d vacation..our first day arrived at da genting ada2 saja happened..DST punya line either prima and easi nda mau..SUXXX..all da msgs da next day baru sampai and its so difficult to communicate wiv all of dem durin da day but thanks so much for every1 punya concern and i think durin da vacation 2 pun i can see wat true frends are..

Anyway we would like to apologise for every mistakes, tekasar bahasa, tesilap kata, tersinggung hati and perasaan and much2 more..It was a great vacation..*huGz*..jgn jara2 sha..

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