Thursday, January 15, 2009


Me wiv ma carrot cakes
MaBabe wiv her nyummy kuewtiawDa New Pizza
Delicious Marvellous Carrot Cakes
KuewTiaw in a SoCalled Boat

When we were at KL, we luv 2 dine in at Pavilion Food Republic..U can find almost all types of foods der..Ranges from american, malay dishes, korean, japanese, chinese and much durin our 2nd last day at KL, i juz found out dat ders dz stall sellin carrot cakes..if ure not familiar wiv it u might tot its a cake which is full of carrot flavour maybe BUT ITS NOT..its so damn good seriously but depends on how dey and wat do dey mixed wiv it..

So me n mababe decided to give it a shot..i was so damn cravin 4 da carrot cakes like years..da last tym i ate was durin ma trip to singapore which was years back..amazingly it was as GOOD as wat i ate back in spore..pakal saja esoknya kan mulih mun nda tiap2 hari ku makan..hehehe..mababe had kuewtiaw and it was amazin 2..also da pizza was GREAT..