Friday, January 16, 2009

Dinner at Pantai Restaurant Empire

MaBabe wiv her meal and new hair cut *winKz*
Mongolian Corner Chef
Corns *Had 8 of Doz*Nyaman Banget

Had dinner wiv mababe at Pantai Restaurant Empire last friday..went to fetch mababe at around 11am and headed to MyPlace Cafe Jerudong to have our breakfast wiv mababe and 2 sistaz..

After breakfast we went to index and i bought a black mocha drawers which cost me $230..left few more items 2 buy to finalize ma new makeover room.hehehe..well no special occasion btw!
Anyway ma babe went to IA Saloon before we actually had our dinner..she has a new hair cut now!Alhamdulillah nda jua g rimas mata me meliat hahahha..Had fun wiv da accompany of ma 2 sistas and wish cud have spend more time doin activities wiv dem again in da near future..Luv u gurls..
Photos taken by usin SE W910i

Grilled Prawns & Lambs
Mongolian style prawns..*eat it raw* Cheeze Cake & Corns
Another Fav *Mongolian Noodles* Had twice *winKz*Pasta, Corn and Lambs *MaBabe* Seafood fried rice, bamboo clam, oyster prawns n squid