Friday, January 23, 2009

Gadong BlackOuT

Wafi & Imas
At da Bridge
At Gdg Traffic Light Area

Went to bdr da day we had tanghoon at amoi's houz which was courtesy of Nana..our first destination was Guan electrical and i was surprised dat da price for most of da electrical stuffs is expensive compare to most of other electrical shops..

Afta Guan electrical, we went to Yayasan and da 1 dat im lookin for is much cheaper pluz ders an additional discount durin da happy hour which was from 7pm to 10pm and since we were early so we had our dinner at Jollibee while waitin..

From yayasan we headed to Mall and we were surprised dat when we passed Kiulap it was totally black out except BIBD building..but we din bothered much since our intention was goin to The Mall but AGAIN we were surprised dat all GDG area was BLACKOUT..So kami pun jalan2 saja passed by Gdg area and went to Giant instead..

Anyway we bumped into Wafi at Centrepoint..He's workin der now and also part time at RTB as a TV presenter..Well done boy..


si Goofy said...

hehe hehe! thank you :)

ATEIN said...

No worries hehehe