Monday, May 25, 2009

Stargazers never fail to shine

Another player that caught my eye was the goal scorer for Star Gazers. She was simply brilliant whenever in scoring opportunity and she still can shoot from a given distance. She was also the reason that forced Ivy League into extra-time in the earlier rounds and this may have caused the fatigue factor for the runners-up.. - Taken from

Congrates to all stargazers members..though we didnt manage to win da tourney dis tym, insyallah lain2 kali mesti ada rezeki tani..U guys are da best of all..though tani kana umpire yang kurang berpengalaman or sengaja main kotor inda papa ayt!tuhan 2 maha adil besides c CHERRY a2 andang ternama sudah dengan sikapnya yg bias wen it comes to umpirin!Banar plang kali ia ada sijil dari spore but if u cant really apply it baiktah ambil course a2 lagi sekali..

We dont hafta tell people and convince people how we play!Orang lain pandai menilai and alhamdulillah we are still 1 of da best team..nda jua kan kemana 2 manusia cematu atu mun umpirin inda adil..nya orang tua2 MUN REZEKI INDA HALAL, INDA BATAH 2 N INDA KAN JAUH MELANGKAH KEMANA2!

Brunei is a small country..kemana2 pun mesti jua kejumpaan!besides byk lagi tourney akan datang so we will meet again n NASIB tah ko kan jadi umpire kami lagi..if it happen again menolak abis2an kami for u not 2 b our umpire..I think dats all for now anyway STARGAZERS NEVER FAIL TO SHINE..

Also sorry for wat had happened to Saiful..we are proud dat we hav a great supporter like u Saiful..dun think about it too much and forget bout it ok..kemana2 pun ia mesti jua kejumpaan 2 but dun let ur anger control u ayt..

..Pixs to be upload any tym sooner..

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