Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Frens or History

Hey folks..its been a hectic week again tho its not weekend yet..anythin can change within a min..sigh..Im not havin any probs wiv any1 or an argument wiv ma luv 1 but its juz sumthin dat i wana share wiv others about a close fren of mine..

Sumtyms a close fren came forward n need sum1 2 listen to his/her probs..as for me im willin 2 b a good listener but once i give an advice n u din wana listen to any of it but keep on naggin n tellin me da same thing, u better BACKOFF soon!!Who wants 2 listen about da same thing over n over again?People are expectin u 2 listen n juz bare wivit but honestly if its only once n twice i can bare wivit but more den dat?DUN BOTHER 2 TELL ME MORE..

As for me, its not da matter of how people can juz listen to ur problems and let us bare wiv it BUT ITS U who hafta think of a solution to forget about ur problems and fix it..if u cant fixed it den simply forget bout it and think ahead wats gona happen tomorrow and in da future..Nothin is difficult if u aint makin' it complicated..its da mind set people..

Juz for an example..Ive been facin' a prob at nyte wer i cudnt really clep due 2 a small pain at ma foot but i told maself dat ma foot aint havin any pain at all n juz go to sleep..Alhamdulillah afta few mins convincin maself bout ma foot, i can clep well lyk a baby..its all about da mind set again people..

So wat da hell is da mind set gota do wiv havin or facin a problems??All ur problems will be ease if u can find a way to get rid from it or better be solve it if u can..but sumtyms we people havin difficulties in solvin it..so rather den thinkin of it which might just hurt u so much, juz have a lil conversation wiv urself facin da mirror or simply sit down n talk..juz tell ur mind dat u shud move on in lyf n nothin will be holdin ur back..TRUST ME its only da MIND SET..

Another thing is dat, some people will be holdin back deir old memories..hopin u can change da mistakes uve made at da past and try to fix it now..but dats not gona happen..WAKEUP!!Its not bout changin da past but thinkin of da future guys..PLEASEEEEEE..Its better to luv sum1 who luvs u and appreciate da person who is always der for u..why do u hafta think of sum1 who left u and aint der tru ur happiness and sadness??Aint dat a waste of tym?Will dey noe?Will dey understand and do dey still luv u??I bet NOOOOO and im so confident of it else y did dey left u without sayin a GUDBYE??Any good reasons for dat??Or we're juz act foolish hopin dat 1 person who had left us for good will come back to us??If dats so he/she wont left us at da 1st place!!again THINKKKK..

Y cant u just appreciate sum1 who really luvs u and always noe dat no matter wat, dat person will be owez be der tru ur ups n downs???It hurts so bad wen sum1 close to u luvs sum1 else who is only a history..Wats da point of havin a person who is always der for u 24/7??Clearify dat!!U Luv dem but is it enough?Wen is enough, ENOUGH??

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