Saturday, May 23, 2009

Seafoods Dinner at Holiday Lodge Jerudong

Prawns to be grilled
Mongolian Noodles Station
Chilly Prawns
Bamboo Clams
Fried Noodles
Fried Rice
Seafoods Tanghoon
Salads *Thumbs Up*
Mixed Veges
Sushi Station
Mongolian Prawns & Oysters
Mongolian Mussels
Grilled Prawns & Squids

Out for dinner last night wiv mababe afta she had her netball trainin wiv da rest of stargazers members..Our actual planned was actually to go out for movie which is da Night at the Museum 2 but unfortunately it was fully booked for da twin instead of movie we went to Holiday Lodge Jerudong to have our seafoods dinner..

It was totally not bad for da price of $18 nett per person..ders a mongolian station, sushi station, main course, pastries also and tea is also included also not forgettin ABC if ure seafoods lover den give a try..dun expect too much from it coz da price is quite reasonable..

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