Friday, May 8, 2009

A Quick One

Heya every1..assalammualaikum to all ma loyal readers or viewers..i noe its been a week now i didnt update ma blog..mababe has been complainin too and few frens hehehe..its not dat i dun have much tym but i juz dun have anythin 2 update at da moment or not much..

Its been a tirin week dz week mainly for mababe..she hafta do all da house chores by herself since her maid is off for a month to jakarta..from laundry, vacumin her room, cleanin da toilets and much more except cookin hehehe..

Other than that, we had a small BBQ at granny's house last thur..i mentioned dat its been a while dat we din have bbq at home and few mins afta dat ma cuzy amat ran into me n told me dat y not we both buy some chickens wings for without wastin our tym, amat went to da soonlee n bought da wings..alhamdulillah sampai hajat kami menyalai heheh..tx cuzy for da contribution hehe..

P malangnya tym2 kami menyalai a2, ada dugaan menimpa kami yang mana KARAN TUTUP til 1030pm..juz imagine berapa lama kami nda bekaran n terpaksa berpanas n bergelap sembahyang berjemaah, bertahlil, doa selamat, makan and menyalai..dari pukul 430pm till 1030pm..paksatah kami menyuluh2 menyalai ah but we had fun..

Other than that, ma parents lain g cetanya, kunci bilik drg tetinggal dalam bilik hehehe..bepaluh2 ma parents mengerjakan membuka kunci bilik drg hehehe..a day which is full of agenda hahaha..
Till den Cheers

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