Monday, May 11, 2009

Stargazers Preparation

Stargazers team is now preparin for da upcomin tourney which is organized by da Brunei Netball Association..It was a big shock dat BNA has over crossed us dis year by havin HYUNDAI as deir main sponsorship..Its not dat we are jeolous, but based on our last 2 years agreement, stargazers was givin a chance to organize 3 years in a row tourney..but now??u guys judge it..If BNA would have tell to our manager about dis in a good way, dis thing aint happenin..

Ok forget bout dat, as da title stated, stargazers has been preparin in terms of physically and mentally for da tourney which will be held at MPH on da 17th of May and da final will be 24th of May..Der will be 3 Groups involved as follows

Group A : IVY League, UNI united, Twilight Netters, Revival NC, Phonenix NC , Prenext A, Comet & MSSBD

Group B : PDX, Biro Kawalan Narkotik, KLZ, Skim JBS-KB, BSRC Team, Muara Vella, Polis & K Venus

Group C : KBNC , Skidz United, STARGAZERS, Net 7, Yayasan, Prenext B , Silent D & Sirion Active 69

So to all da team members, we will be always der for u guys to support..dun worry bout losin coz we gona try our very best in all ways..CAYO CAYO STARZ

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