Wednesday, October 7, 2009

100th Days since u gone

Its 100 days exactly today since u left us..Lonely?YES..Less Security?YES..Missin u?YES and wat else?u name it for sure it will be a big YES..we r so missin u so much and without u now feel less secure..wen ure around, we intend not to bother u much..we might hurt ur feelins without realisin it and sorry is too late now..we might not understand ur needs when ure still breathin and argued bout stupid stuffs and again sorry is too late..

Im sure every1 misses u and wat i can say is dat without u its been so quiet..wish ure still here with us to guide every1 till now but Allah loves u so much..ders nothin much we can do now besides den recitin AlFatihah, Yassin & Doa for u continuously..

Also its our first year celebratin Puasa and Hari Raya without u around..Its always in ma mind wen everytym we came durin da 2nd raya, u will sit wer u normally sit which is juz next to ur room n with a warm smile u welcome da other hand, u will neva failed to come over to ma place durin 3rd or 4th Hari Raya but not havin u around dis year hurt me badly..nasi ayam and mee kayu is ur fav with a glass of water and Nescafe and honestly i missed buyin u doz foods..u will be very happy if we bought doz for u..sigh..

U will be also da 1 who will make sure dat da house is clean, makin sure dat da grass is cut, da back walk way is in a good condition (before renovation), da drain has been clean, da rubbish has been collected and da chairs and tables has been clean and arrange nicely..but now?who gona have da rytes to order any1?people might juz get hurt wen ask to do so..

We miss u so much babah..semoga babah sentiasa dalam keadaan yang tenang d alam sana..AMIN..

AL-FATIHAH 2 Hj Mohd Ali bin Rahim & Ismail bin Hj Mohd Ali serta sekalian umat islam yang telah kembali kerahmatullah..semoga roh2 mereka di dalam keadaan tenang dan damai sentiasa..AMIN YA RABBAL ALAMIN..

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