Monday, October 26, 2009

Another Day

Today's Issues..

1. No water since 4pm yesterday till now due to major damage of da main pipe
2. Noisy in da office due to renovation work
3. No Mood to do my work due to da noise, un-organized office environment & situation & can't concentrate
4. Starvin
5. Don't know which is ma priority work to do since all has da HIGH LEVEL PRIORITY

I hope i can handle everythin and get things all done any time sooner..but 1 thing i can't do it in da office due to da noise which affect ma concentration very much..hope dey can finish da renovation soon..

Its 27th October as of today wer another fren of mine DIDIE will be celebratin her bday and also da day afta tomorrow too which will be AIZA..Happy Advance Bday to both of u..Semoga d panjangkan umur, dmurahkan rezeki and berjaya dalam apa jua bidang yang diceburi AMIN..

I duno y m i so damn excited for ma upcomin bday..i seriously feel different dis tym..excited of gettin old?oh well MAYBE..excited of havin more responsibilities? not sure wats da exact feelin overall..Anyway to whom it may concerned, i'd list out sumthin which u can buy me for ma bday sure u can find it out here hehehe..

Im supposed to upload da pix durin our visit to Temburong but will do it afta office hours and also da pix from our recent trip to Dusun buah Abg Mai last sunday..I would also like to thanks mababe for da great accompanied last sunday to da dusun buah hehe..i know u have lots of things to settle but yet u still have tym to be with me..*huGz*

On da other side, i can't wait for mababe's not sure wat she gona do but i cant sense anythin dis tym..maybe no bday cake for me dis year..hahahah..wateva it is i always appreciate it as long as ure with me durin da eve n on dat day itself..will be spendin tym wiv ma family on da actual day as always and ders no exception..

Ma 2nd sis had gave me wayyyy too advance birthday gift which was a drawin of me when i was a baby, teens and now..Thanks to u and i appreciate it so much..*huGz*..i havent receive anythin from ma parents for 2 years now and if der isn't anythin again, it will be da 3rd year dis year but i aint hopin anythin from dem just a prayer for me to be some1 successful in lyf now and always..i noe dey had give me enuf and its tym for us 2 give dem more rewards..i just wana thanks dem for givin me so much love with all da guidance, foods, money, educations, clothes, shelters and much2 more and alhamdulillah we live in comfort..

Hopefully i can have ma lunch today with mababe..wana eat Nasi Goreng Cornbeef and soup Hati Buyah at Tanda Kasih Tutong also take away Nasi Katok Serambangun..Sha2pun semua..and also ma leave had been approved!Yeayy..gona spend tym with mababe durin da day..Alhamdulillah..

Have a great day guys..

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