Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another U.P.D.A.T.E

Heya r u 2day?hope uve a great day so far..Its da final day of raya already for 2009 n i hope its not too late for me, mababe & family to ask for forgiveness from hari raya dis year had been great..managed to visits more friends and families dis year compare to previous year and enjoyin every bit of it..

Would also like to thanks to all families & friends for da foods and drinks durin da words can even describe how happy i am..managed to meet extended family, long lost family and much more..also thanks to every1 who came over to our house..sorry if ders sumthin which u dislike or lack of attention durin ur visit from da bottom of ma heart & also on bhalf of ma family..

Alhamdulillah our final open house which is also celebratin birthday for ma sis, unc and cuzy went well..da cakes was marvellous but melted..thanks to kayah for buyin those cakes from DQ Tanjong Bunut n ur cash yet to be pay hehehe..

Other than that, its nearly da end of October which means few more days left for ma bday..yipppieeee..excited?i duno & i aint sure..wat to expect durin ma bday?shall ive ma wishlist?will sum1 get wateva in ma wishlist for me or its juz a reminder for maself to buy it on ma own?so i dun bother much but yet gona prepare ma own wishlist hehehe..

I always wana have a white birthday theme durin ma bday but to have it at a nice and beautiful place especially at a resort or near da beach area wont happen here in will be very nice if every1 could dress up in all white..maybe i can make it happen when i turn 30 which is 5 more years ahead..heheh..dream for it first and try to make it a reality..nothin is impossible if u put ur hard work on it & organize it smartly..

Ok stop talkin bout ma bday party dream now..hehe ive a lot of things on ma mind yet a lil tym to manage everythin & to get it done..need to sort out bit by bit..need to plan for our family vacation, need to plan for our *me n mababe* vacation, our parents anniversary and much more..

Recap..last wed me n mababe went to watch Surrogates at The Mall and we r givin a verdict of C- for dat was actually a good one but its kinda slow..also last fri me, mababe, nana, ebih, emil, adeey and mul went to watch Papadom and it was GREAT..a verdict of B+..had dinner at Mameh Beribi afta da dinner and headed back home..

Wuhoooo, i din realise i had typed so sorry guys..hope u guys enjoy readin hehe..have a pleasant weekend guys..

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