Monday, October 26, 2009


Im bored n feelin lazy today..exhausted as well..Nothin much for ma weekend dis week..went to Kpg again but dis tym is at dusun buah Abg Mai at Jalan Maraburung..earlier brought mababe n ma 2 sistas to Tamu KB to buy some fresh veges, chillies and bananas hehe also some kuih to eat inside da car also for breakfast..Other than that, brought mababe to ASCO to have our breakfast since Qawi's stall at Tudung Saji closed due to unknown reason..

Been so damn tired afta collectin fruits at dusun Bg Mai but again we enjoyed and hope no more of it..hehehe..thank to Bg Mai for all da foods prepared..luvin da noodles and sambal pusu which were claimed very delicious by mababe and sistas..

Got back home, shower n bought nasi katok at Serambangun which is exactly a small 1 next to Court Furniture Tutong..da nasi katok was simple which has nasi, sambal pusu and ayam goreng but im luvin it..been cravin for it again today coz i kinda aint satisfied with da Nasi yesterday..i requested for NON PEDAS but was given PEDAS AMATTTT..Sigh..a2 kan orang lapar banar2..luckily mababe was right beside me to calm n comfort me mun nda menyamal ku sudah kan makan..but again it was EXTREMELY HOT..just imagine LADA PADI SAMBAL NYA!!

Afta restin, me, mababe n Nurul went to Huaho just to cruise around and to kill our boredom at home..thanks to mababe for buyin me some stationaries..was plannin to buy an iron and ironin board but nada yg lawa2 at Huaho Tutong..

I think dat wrap-up ma weekend eh also me, mababe & Ka Aida's family, nana, napi, fifi & anim went to Temburong last Friday for da Pesta was another great experienced since dat was ma very 1st tym naik boat to Temburong and i enjoyed it so much..quite nervous at da 1st place but da excitement overcome it..besides den da cruise, i enjoyed eatin da fruits which is eat-all-you-can for only $5 per person and most of all da UDANG GALAH..thanks to Nana for joinin us and also Napi..

Had our lunch at da Resthouse and surprisingly da buffet was only $3 per person..SERIOUSLY banar!da menu for dat day was nasi putih, ayam masak kunyit, ikan goreng, sayur pecula and sayur tarong also minuman bandung and plain water..our side order was da udang galah which is $5 for 3 BIG UDANG GALAH..

Alhamdulillah kanyang jua makan n puas hati banar2..also ders 1 thing dat i wana share durin da fruits festival ada certain people masuk inda bebayar BUT makan buah2 dsana sesukahati and FOR FREE..i knoe i dun have any rights to do anythin but jujur lah pada diri sendiri..mun rasanya inda mampu kan membayar dat much den u can simply beli buahan2 which is super duper cheap at da outside booths..if rasanya nada duit langsung den better stay at home..Im not lookin down on people here but if u makan without payin it jadi dosa saja and HARAM hukumnya..but anywer u wont bother ryte..sama jua parut kamu!

Ok2 im finally done now..have a great start for dis week..*Countin Days*

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