Monday, January 18, 2010

Cruised at Kpg Ayer

Its damn freezing cold ere in da office..da weather is just nice..cloudy but aint rainin..Alhamdulillah but i just couldn’t stand da cold!I need heat PLEASEEE!Last Sunday me, mababe and her family went for a cruised at Kpg was FUN and ENJOYABLE also da weather was very2 nice indeed! Durin our cruised, we visited da Jong Batu which is one of Brunei’s History, Galleri, Mangroves and more..

Der were more den 20 of us including da kids..thanks to everyone who had brought along da foods and drinks to eat durin da cruised n sorry we didn’t bring any besides den ma DSLR to capture great moments was a whole lot new experienced for me and mababe and we are lookin forward for da next trip which I’m not sure what and when..It was da 1st activity bein’ organized by mababe’s family in 2010 and lookin forward for more..Maybe Temburong?

Plannin to go for a one day getaway to KK next month..still thinkin btw n da fares are risin up each and every day! Quite disappointed with da new online flights tables for RBA by which der isn’t any flight goin to KK on Sat afta 430pm..SIGH..i did browsed da air fares by usin’ Air Asia and it is only $61 return but again i need to think twice or thrice n mababe is kinda choosy coz we always heard dat da food’s smell on board make u SICK!!and da matter of u have to walk and rushed to da plane which is a disadvantage for mababe due to her knee pain and im so a lazy bum2!doesnt matter dat we hafta pay more at least we have a comfy flight and safe with da reciting of doa before departin..

So yeah, will update again bout dat matter!Will post some pixs here and da link to ma FB since ive uploaded it der..Have a great day ahead every1..

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