Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome 2010

First of all Happy New Year 2010 to all of u who is readin dis..i hope its aint too late hehehe..sorry for da lack of updates since im away for ma 10 days vacations at 2 different countries..Alhamdulillah..lets flashed back wat had happened 2009..not lookin back but just to share ayt..

What had happened in year 2009 was mababe’s brother and father also ma uncle passed away..losin 3 beloved person in our lyf is really tough but life must go aint easy for da past few months and mababe is strong enough to faced it Alhamdulillah..other than that ma sista Fifi started workin already afta strugglin few months lookin for job opportunity..Alhamdulillah..besides den dat as for maself ive been transfer to Road Section from drainage and afta a month ive been promoted again to a next level which is to SKB section..Alhamdulillah..

As for vacation, we had 2 family vacations dis year..thanks to Allah for givin extra time and financial for us to be together and enjoyed our family vacation by which last June we went to KL and recently Dec went to KK..Alhamdulillah again..

Our vacation started 22nd Dec 2009 and lasted 01st Jan was very tirin since we hafta wake up really early to catch an early flight for both vacations but it was great and fun..Family vacation to KK started 22nd to 25th..we stayed at Tangs Dynasty Hotel and we din do much shoppin instead we spent a lots on foods..Keep on eatin, eatin and eatin..hehehe..were also plannin to bring da kids to Water Theme Park and eat seafuds but sadly da water theme park is closed due to da Christmas’s eve preparation and as for da seafuds our taxi driver advised us not to go on da 24th which is Christmas eve..if i knew it earlier i wud have planned to go der as soon as we arrived..but again its ok da kids had fun swimmin at da hotel’s swimmin pool..

As for ma vacation with mababe it was Marvellous heheh..Shoppin at shoppins heaven is so damn great..upon our arrival, we checked in den off to Orchard ION to have our brunch..we tot dat ders isn’t any nearest food court but banquet was just right next to our hotel hahaha..Banquet is a food court which serves HALAL FOODS tho dey are Chinese servin da foods..its kinda tough lookin for halal foods in spore unless ure at Geylang area which is super duper easier den others..Even da fastfoods in Singapore aint all halal..we hafta find a halal logo and if ders isn’t any den dun try it unless da cook is malay..

Went to Orchard ION and looked for Swensen and we GOT LOST amazin!but it was a whole lot of experienced hahaha..its been 5 years since da last tym we went to Singapore and now we are lovin it so much regardless with da same doin da shoppin der but as for Armani Exchange, Calvin Klein and French Connection aint many latest design n it was depressin compare to KL and der isn’t BANANA REPUBLIC..but Alhamdulillah i bought Armani Purse, Armani Jacket also Armani Keychain..and thanks to mababe for buyin me Armani Long Sleeves, HD Lens, Wide Lens, Macro Lens, Limited Edition Passport Cover, 4GB Key Drive & Wireless Headset hehehe..thanks baby so much..

As for mababe i dun hafta mentioned wat she had bought at Singapore!A LOTSSSSSS hehehe..will share da pix once i upload it ayt well not all but some of da items she bought just for d sake of sharin ayt..*winKz*

Da actual planned was actually to visits Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Flyers, Night Safari and much more but all cancelled due to more shoppin activities!kinda upset but its ok..der will be always next tym..By end of dis year Universal Studio will be completely done and da casinos will be open before Chinese New Year so more people will be expectin to come over by end of da year..

On da other sides, we also had da opportunity to go shoppin with Hj & Affid at Sim Lim Square, Dinner at Burger King, eatin durian also tour at Bugis Street..Thanks so much for bein with us and we had lot of fun..

Also, thanks to Manja & Mas for da seafood at Newton, MRT, Tours, Breakfast at Zam2, Arab Street and Suntec..we had a marvellous time and it was such great 2 days to be with u guys especially durin our seafood dinner hehehe..Finally had da chance to eat seafood at Singapore..thanks for letting us to rest at ur place too and watched CSI hehehe..

As for our new year, we aint celebratin it either..we spent our time cruising at Geylang area, went to da plaza tho it aint as interestin as at Orchard road but da foods was great especially at MR TEA TARIK and its 24/7..da cucurs is great, kuewtiaw and so much more..MARVELLOUS..

Wuhoooo ive talked so much without realisin it..anyway may dis year bring more happiness, longevity, prosperous and much more..All da best in everythin u do and achieve wat u gota have to achieve for now and in da near future..Good Luck..

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