Friday, January 15, 2010


Its been rainin heavily and non stop for da past 2 days including today..lots of car accidents had happened due to da heavy rain and flooded all drivers our der, please be very extra careful while ure on road!switch on ur headlamps and please please use ur indicator ayt every1..

Me n mababe went to watch Holmes last Wed..i gave a verdict of B+ for da movie..i never expect dat it would be dat interestin and had been reluctant to watch it for some times until last wed i decided to accompany mababe to watch was tricky, humorous and idealistic..on da other hand we thought dat we wont be able to catch da movie due to da rain and it was already 630pm when we left mababe’s house and da show will start at 715pm..but Alhamdulillah, it was da right timing when we arrived..Afta movie, me n mababe went to McD and had McChicken and McNuggets..n thank god dat it wasn’t raining anymore when we left Gadong but its windy when we arrived at Tutong already..

In da afternoon at 315pm, i had an appointment with a doctor at Tutong Hospital and Alhamdulillah i had a great time meetin da doc but ma results aint so good and will meet da doc again next 24th Feb and he requested for ma blood samples also urine..and i hafta lose 3KG for a period of a month hehe..wish me luck guys!bumped into Budeh at Tanda Kasih Tutong while we were havin hitea but she was with her mom and sista..mish hangin out with da stars..its been a while we don’t go out n have lunch or hitea together..maybe next week we can hangout stars if u guys are readin dis do let me noe wen will be ur free time for us to meet, sit and TALK!;p

So i think dats wrapped out everythin so far..its freezing cold in da office for like everyday and we were talkin about CreditCards, Loans and da new rules which da bank had fixed for deir respectives customers some parts its good so dat we can manage our financial excellently but on da other hand, how can we adapt with it since all groceries items had been increased and salary has not been risen up?so guys everythin has its pros and cons..think smart and act fast..dey will start da 8% interest for our credit cards dis April and more surprises will be comin ahead..*Byk tah org memohon fakir miskin ni*

Ok den i will end up now, wishin u guys has a pleasant day ahead and remember LOVE UR LOVES 1 LIKE NO TOMORROW..*huGz* missin u boo & thinkin bout u while enjoyin every sips of ma hot Cadbury Chocs hehe..

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