Monday, January 11, 2010


Firstly, congrates to our dearest friend Emi & Saiful for deir reception yesterday at Telisai..U both look gorgeous with da colour u choosed..Semoga dimurahkan rezeki, dberkati sentiasa and menjadi sepasang suami isteri yang di ingini oleh Allah AMIN..

How’s ur weekend btw? Mine was great as of last week..Have da chance to meet up Didie and gave her lens filter and hopefully she likes it heheh..managed to catch up with her and had brunch together at Ayamku Restaurant Batu Besurat..Afta meetin her, me n mababe went to The Mall and decided to have a movie marathon but unfortunately we only managed to watch Alvin and the was hilarious!!we both enjoyed it so damn much and next will be Holmes and Couples Retreat insyallah dis Wednesday if we dun have anything much to do and aint tired heheh..also bought mababe a Lacie KeyDrive 4GB..she decided not to have it as mine wen she bought it for me at Singapore but again she started to like it as much as i do n want it to be da same!So yeah we have da same KeyDrive together hahaha..

Afta movie, we went to Country Patch Kiulap for Hi-tea with Tini, Roy, Sulastri along with deir son & daughter..we had a great tym together eatin, chit chattin and photography..its a great time to hangout and create a strong bondin between our friends tho we might be very busy with our daily and routine tasks..

As for Saturday, i aint doin anything much, brought ma mum to Tamu Sayur at Tudung Saji KB with ma youngest sista..bought lots of veges, Langsat, Durian and goin to da tamu regardless of da hot weather..its a must to go to Tamu Makan at KB town every Sat to buy some foods to eat for dinner..ders no many places to go here and its kinda borin when ure stuck at home over da weekend..Sigh..

Attended Emi & Saiful reception yesterday with some STARGAZERS and dey look gorgeous..da souvenirs was a small bag which comes with different colours and some with cartoon designs hehe..CUTE!alhamdulillah we managed to take photos with da bride and groom..aint sure wer dey gona go for deir honeymoon but again u guys made it!Congratulations again dearest..

Here i would like to thanks Mababe for buyin me kain for hari raya at Metro..i totally love it..da colours, da design and its PERFECT hehehe..we both used to have da same kain with da same colours, design n all but eversince last 3 years we changed da concept to have da same kain, da same design but with different yeah i chose da purple colour wer s mababe bought herself da blue 1 which is nice too..

Other than that, she also bought me a swatch watch which i aimed for when we were at dey markup another $10 from da sellin price in Singapore..I luv da colours combination of blue and brown and again its NICE..Thanks baby so much for getting me those..

See how wonderful ma weekend was?!It was totally great and managed to meet ma frens at da same time..wishin u guys da same too and have a great day ahead guys..oh btw payday will be on 27th January which is on start budgeting and saving guys..New resolution heheh..i aint sure wetha we can achieve it but no harm in tryin ayt..

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