Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ma Friday

Last Friday was ma late unc Uwa Yunus 40 days since he left us for good..we attended the tahlil at his crib after Sembahyang Jumaat and unfortunately the same incidents happened by which the mic and sound system aint any good and could harldy for us to recite it together..

Had another appointment last Wednesday at Tutong’s Hospital with dietician..Alhamdulillah it goes well! i have to reduce 3Kgs in a period of a doesn’t sound bad but to accomplish it will be tough..From now on i can only take LIGHT carbonated drinks otherwise ZERO..Half glass of any kinds of juices, NO SNACKS and CANDIES hehehe..I’m only permitted to take seafood, fried foods and carbonated drinks for once a week only..Insyallah i will help myself to be better person and free from sickness AMIN..

Loving the weather this few’s sunny and pleasant..Alhamdulillah..Managed to get Baby VW washed inside and outside also Baby Sunny and Baby Honda as well..will send it for a polish maybe before the payday or rainy season comes again..Miss spending times cleaning all the cars which normally takes half a day..Times is very limited now a day and LAZYYY..we prefer sending it to a shop and get it done! But do we know that we actually can create a good bonding between ourself and our stuffs? YES WE DO! But mind u, don’t be over react else u will go crazy and crazier to our car or other stuffs that we have and love! Though they can’t really response u back but again they understand and also one more thing do not love your stuffs more than you love yourself coz once it’s gone, it will hurt u so damn much..

If you realised i ain’t using much of short terms now as before.. E.g.Dey – They, R – Are and so on..Y? This is because i need to help myself to use all proper English, spelling, terms, and etc..hope it will be easier for all my readers to read it as well..Mababe’s is craving for Grilled Lamb or Lamb Steak and myself on the other hand is craving for seafood at Pantai Restaurant Empire..

I better get back to work now and calculating our SCP deduction heheh..enjoy life to the fullest guys and thanks so much for visiting my blog..*hugz*

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