Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Weekend Gorgeous!

Happy weekend to everyone out there!Im bored and sleepy since all my tasks is completely done..I didn't have the chance to sleep today since there was an important things to do after lunch..Budget was just released and expect alot of things to do and handle but since I don't know what to expect so I will just sit down, relax and wait untill further acknowledgement..

Ma Friday was preety occupied this week..Went to the Banks for consultation and there is always a way but to grab it without thinking further will be a regret!We did the calculation and the interests is much higher and we might just have to stick with the usual monthly payments unless there are other ways..

Had lunch with ma mum, 2 sisters and was her first lunch at Simpur and Alhamdulillah she loves the foods there..Normally we went there to hangout or dinner but for lunch, it was her first!Hope you won't hesitate to come again next time boO hehehe..

After lunch, we headed back home..While mababe did her work for the first 15mins before she slept, i was busy organizing all the T-shirts and took photos of every T-shirts for me to upload and sell it online via Facebook..It's easy now to sell things online since we are connected anytime we want!Alhamdulillah the mini e-garage sale went well so far..We aint really lookin for profits since all items are pretty much reduction price compare to what we spent on buying those and end up in the closets untouchable..All items are mostly brand new otherwise if you have ma FB then u should know what the heck am I talking about =D

Late noon, me and mababe went to DST KB to pay her phone bill and we got the chance to take part at the lucky draw..Unfortunately we ain't lucky enough but Alhamdulillah, we got our self a memo pad and recycle bag..We were also given a box of biscuits and a bottle of water to ease our hunger and thirst while waiting for our turn as a door gifts..Tx DST!

Once our business settled, we then headed to Soon Lee to buy some toiletries..Now it's time to buy what we NEED instead of what we WANT..Do implement it slowly to ourself and also our mindset Insyallah we all can do it to prevent from more debts and also from whatever action in the future which the government will implement without thinking further and do survey about all matters..

At half past 5, we paid a visit to ma aunt who is being admitted at Hospital KB due to low blood pressure..Hope everything will goes well with you aunt and do control what ever you have to ok..

Lastly, we ate sausage buns for our dinner since me and mababe were already stuffed earlier with cucur udang, kelupis udang, tongkeng, popia and air kelapa from tamu at Taxi Terminal..Thanks to ma mum, Sis Ifa for the treat and to MaBabe for everything..Semoga dimurahkan lagi rezeki AMIN AMIN AMIN..

Till now I'm signin off..Have a GREAT DAY ahead every one!

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