Friday, April 30, 2010

Bg Kim & Amat Birthday Dinner

Its Saturday and I've nothing to do except reading newspaper and Facebook..I've sorted all ma work and get it done early this morning as soon as I switched on ma computer..Starving much as well though I had 2 Chicken pies and 2 Egg tarts for breakfast earlier at 9am..

I heard another news about burned car along Bukit Panggal!Lots of accidents happened and this is ain't good..Please Please & Please drive very safely guys!Use your indicator wisely and make sure your tyres are in a very good condition due to rainy season as for now!Its better to be safe then sorry ayt!

Last Wednesday we were being invited to celebrate Bg Kim 30th Birthday at Dynasty Restaurant!Had a Marvellous and Great night with everyone..Misses them so damn much and it's been a while since we last met..At that night, we *the cuzies* had a lil discussion about making family T-Shirts and yet conclusion hasn't come to an end!But Amal has two options which is to buy the t-shirts from Made In Brunei store and to print it will be at different shop which costs $1 or $2 per design..So to whom it may concerned do decide!The foods was great too!We had Beef Steak, Butter Chicken, Kailan Oyster Sauce, Beancurd and desserts were also served after we had our maincourse!Thanks guys for inviting us but only me and mababe can make it!LOVESS you all!

There will be an Appreciation Hi-Tea this afternoon for all AJK who had involved with the bicycle expedition last week and I'm still thinking whether to join them or not since its damn hot out there and the event will take place at our parking lot area!Today will be another boring weekend!Will be stuck watching either AF, P2F *Not a big fan somehow* and all sorts of non worth watching television program!Hmm..

Tomorrow will be the 2nd of May and time really does flies super duper fast!In other words ma dad will be arriving Brunei from Perth at 6 in the morning!Imagine at what time do we have to wake up and start our journey from KB?I told ma mum that why don't we stay 1 night check-in at the hotel?And she replied "Jangan tah membazir usin!" So yeah that's how she always responded because she ain't so fancy about sleeping over at others besides then our own house..

Me n mababe had lunch with Aneng & Lisa at Excapade Gadong yesterday and it was unplanned..Had a great catching up with the girls and it was fun playing games with Lisa and mababe with her iPod Touch..Aneng & Lisa went to travel fair earlier which was held at Sheraton Hotel but all the cheap fares were sold out as at 1130am like a hot cakes!So that turned them down!

As for us, NO SEATS available to watch the Iron Man II at The Mall..Been calling them twice but again still the 1st three rows from below was the only seats we had plenty of times to kill and went cruising around Yayasan and The Mall while waiting for our birthday dinner date with Amat and his family..

Our dinner was BBQ Grilled & Steamboat at iLotus..Alhamdulillah we were so damn full with all the prawns, lambs, tomyam soups, beef meatballs and much more!It was a full house as well and the crowd was mostly the chinese..Thanks to Amat for the treat and Happy Birthday Dude..May you be blessed always with all the loves around you!Study smart for your future and loves u always cuzy *hugz*

From lunch with Aneng & Lisa, spending quality times with mababe and dinner with Amat & Family wrapped up ma posting for this week..Looking forward for next week and Happy Birthday to all the birthday celebrants..Have a great day ahead..

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