Monday, April 19, 2010

Day Trip to Kota Kinabalu Sabah

While waiting for You Think You Can Dance, I decided to post something =)..Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday to ma dearest and beloved Mama Hjh Salmah Binti Haji Mohammad..Semoga dimurahkan rezeki, dikurniakan kesihatan yang lebih baik and sentiasa dalam perlindungan Allah sentiasa..No matter what ma love for you will never fade mama..No words can describe ma love towards you..I’m sorry for all ma wrong doings and hurt you in all ways..I appreciate everything that you had done and anything ahead..Love you so much mama..

I’m sure ma mum won’t read this but never mind heheh..I haven’t give anything to her yet but ma 2nd sis had treat ABC for the whole teachers at Sekolah Rendah Ahmad Tajuddin where as ma youngest sis gave a bouquet of white rose..I don’t have any idea what to give her since she have almost everything..maybe an air ticket for her Insyallah..Also thanks to mama for her birthday treat and thanks to mababe who had come down to celebrate it with us as well..*huGz*

Last week, me n mababe finally had our day trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and it was our first day trip to KK..our flight was at 740am and we arrived at Brunei airport 710am..When we arrived, it was already last call for Kota Kinabalu! Luckily, i did online checked-in so we can skipped the boring and tiring queue and took our boarding pass at the business class counter..Alhamdulillah..

After 20mins flight to Kota Kinabalu, we safely arrived at KKIA..Since its only 8am, me n mababe decided to have our early breakfast at KKIA’s Starbuck..our plan was to join Ebih & Emil but unfortunately the air fares was way too expensive and luckily we got a better deal which was only $69 per person where as for me I only have to pay $9 since I won a ticket to KK by answering Ijah’s quiz at Facebook hehehe..Thanks Ijah!

Had Tuna Croissant Sandwich, BIG Sugar Donut and Chocolate Chip Frap for our breakfast!Did I mentioned it was our first time having breakfast at any airport upon arriving?heheh n yeah it was our FIRST!We took our sweet time and after an hour, we headed to 1Borneo..The taxi fare from airport to 1Borneo was RM50 and once we entered the taxi, the driver and us had a lil conversation as below :

Taxi’s Driver : Nak pi 1 B ke?

Us : 1B *thinking for a while apa maksud 1B* den i said Iye..*batah kan teclick* hehehe

Taxi’s Driver : Ni mesti dari Brunei kan!Kalau orang kita mana suka 1Borneo..

Us : *Curious* Kenapa inda suka 1Borneo?

Taxi’s Driver : Itu bukan 1Borneo..itu boleh kata 1Brunei sebab rata2 orang Brunei saja yang banyak pi sana!Kenapa suka pi sana?

Us : Kan kat sana semua ada bang!makan, shoppin dan macam2 lagi!Kalau pulang balik memang tempat yang paling sesuai *laughing*

Me : Nanti boleh lah tukar nama 1Borneo tu jadi 1Brunei ah hehehe

Taxi’s Driver : *laughing*

Then me and mababe had a conversation until we reached 1Brunei hehehe..Sadly, all the shops are not opened yet so we decided to have another drink at Starbuck..We had Iced English Breakfast Tea and make used of the Wi-Fi to stay connected with FB while mababe was thinking about her upcoming business which we might into it within a year or two depends on the capital and paper work which yet to be discuss and done first and foremost!

At 1015am, we both made a move and our first shop was Esprit den FCUK, Nike, Roxy and much more..bought few items since there isn’t many new arrivals except for 1 item that mababe is eyeing for..Sabar beh ah!Anyway, we had our lunch at Nasi Ayam and Alhamdulillah sampai hajat kan mamam Nasi Ayam Steamed also Pai Tee..After lunch, both of us was searching for Burger King but too bad, 1Borneo doesn’t have Burger King and we have to go to the one and only Burger King left which is near by Wisma Merdeka..It was raining heavily when we headed to Burger King and what saddened us was there isn’t any Tender Grilled Chicken Burger..SIGHHHH..Been waiting for the trip and hoping to enjoy every bites of that burger!!

Went to Wisma Merdeka to change our money and went straight to the airport at 4pm..

Had so much fun with mababe and Alhamdulillah it went well and exhausted..Will be having another trip either with the cousins or mababe’s sisters..Thanks boO for everything

Signing off now and hope you have a great day ahead..

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