Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sorry for not updating anything for the past few days..Been very busy with all sorts of things mainly the bicycle expedition which was held 25th April at JKR KB in conjunction with the World Water Day..Alhamdulillah everything went well but it seems not to be a marvellous one but considering it was our first time, it was a success!

Last Friday, me, mababe and ma office colleagues went for lunch at Charcoal..It was our very first time having lunch at Bandar together with them since the day I was being transferred to ma new unit..Their company was great and we had a good laughed and talked over lunch..We couldn’t finish our Lamb Shank and Lamb Chop that day since we had pasta, calamari earlier before having the main course! The foods is even better now compared to our previous dine-in at Charcoal..

After 2 hours of lunch, me and mababe then headed to The Mall..Our main intention was to have a look with the new long awaited 3D LCD TV which is yet to be launched June or July in Brunei..I was so damn excited until the salesman who was entertaining his Chinese customers and simply ignored me when I’m trying to approach him and asked some questions regarding the TV! But what satisfied me was saying ‘STUPID SALESMAN’ to him! “What a stupid salesman who simply ignored me when I’m trying to ask something” to be exact! And he simply said “Oh Yes!” and left!

Well that doesn’t ruin our day much since I don’t want to let ma anger strikes while spending ma day with mababe! So to calm down, we went around all the booths and look at all new stuffs..While we were asking about one of the mp3 displayed, to our surprised the PINK mp3 that mababe has been eyeing for since our trip to Singapore was on displayed! I was excited as well and that means it was her rezeki and that was the end of my guilt as well for not buying it at Singapore..Alhamdulillah..Sorry for the belated birthday gift boO ;-)

From The Mall we headed back home and there was an Innova car who had highlighted us nearby Binturan..Road block or speed trap came across to our mind, so mababe slowed down from 120km/hr to 80km/hr and the first thing we saw was a long queue and smoked! Never came across that we would see a burning car due to an accident! Heart was beating damn fast with mixed feelings of sympathy, sad and scared! Allah maha berkuasa!

I don’t want to talk much about the accident and will let the pictures tell you everything..Till then I’m signing off for now..Have a pleasant day ahead everyone..

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