Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lucky Draw at Boustead 2010

Hello you..How's your day today?Hope everything goes well as you want it to be..Went to Suzuki & Nissan Lucky Draw last Sunday and yeah there are alot of people who came!Foods was being provided also Drinks but unfortunately we didn't have the appetite to eat since it was so crowded at the food zone and freakin hot inside the showroom!

Should be more then 500 people who had attended for the lucky draw and sadly the prizes for each car brand was only 4 consists of 2 main grand prize to Singapore for Suzuki's owner and trip to Korea for Nissan's owner where as the consolation prizes was 2x GPS, 2x $1000 Shopping Voucher at HuaHo and lastly 2x 32' Sony LCD Tv..There isn't any door gifts given which will be a good idea if they give one for those who are not lucky enough to win any prizes that day..Bumped into Saren as well that day and we really hoped to win a grand prize or at least 32' Sony LCD Tv hehehe..

Ma intention was also to eat Lamb Burger which is recommended by a friend of mine MOMO but sadly we were so stuffed with alot of foods earlier!Had Butter Milk Chicken, Nasi Ayam Penyet and Satay Kambing hehehe..

On the other hand, we went to Excapade Gadong last Monday for dinner just me and mababe..After we ordered our foods, as usual mababe will prepare the wasabi and soyasauce and guess what??she SPILLED da whole bottle of soyasauce and LUCKILY I made a quick action and move backward else I would have been showered with soyasauce!Pandai takut kana marah ;p..also at the same night, we bumped into Wafi and his friend or girlfriend hehe..Good to hear that he is kinda happy with his work except for the enviromental thingy but again just bare with it for now ayt friend and I'm pretty sure you can cope with it..Goodluck buddy!

That's it for now and I'm signing off..Have a great day ahead guys!

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