Sunday, July 11, 2010


Wuhooo..Finally an update right! I’m so sorry guys! Been so busy with daily life and it ain’t easy but somehow one thing I should be proud of is that I manage to handle it smartly! Work tasks are getting more and more each day and I’m still in ma learning process stage. Able to cope from one meeting and another, able to handle projects at the same time but again there are still a lot to learn from ma office colleagues.

Other then ma daily jobs, I’m now officially one of the Media member and the only female in this group! Proud? Hmm..yeah kinda! But most of all, I love doing it and that’s all that matters! Talking about photography, I think it’s time to buy another DSLR and I’m thinking of buying a full frame next..I have tons of wish lists and I NEED all of them hehehe..

Below are SOME of ma wish lists *Mainly for mababe* ;p

1. iPad 16Gb (Wifi Only or Wifi + 3G)
2. iPhone 4G *Bnd$2588* Not worth for now with that price but STILL! =)
3. Nikon D700
4. Nikkor Lens 80-400mm or 200-400mm
5. iMac or Mac Book Pro

So yeah that’s ma wish lists for now and I hope I can save some money and buy those! 3 out of 5 will be good enough for this year hehehe..Aim high people and start saving now =)

Ma long weekend was SUPERB! Last Friday, me and mababe went to watch Eclipse at The Mall and all I can say is I enjoyed watching it more than the 2nd one! As for this, it is more details on how they actually started to be one of them and more actions as well..Well Done! After movie, went for a Lil retail therapy buying DVDs, CD and Tudung malas for mababe ;p *simple but lawa tapinya* Headed to Swensens for Hitea, had Cheese and Pepperoni pizzas, Banana crumble and Aglio Olio with prawns! Marvellous!!

I’d tried aglio olio from Fleur de Lys, Capers, Villa Mauri and latest were from Swensens! Of all aglios, the most that I love is from FDL and 2nd goes to Swensens, Villa Mauri and lastly Capers! I aint sure if there are any restaurants mainly Italian restaurant do serves this type of pastas! I should go to frats and have a look at their menu for aglio next!

Another great day was Saturday! Able to spend times with lovely family and had a road trip to Miri! Our intention was just to have seafood for dinner at Tanjong Lubang. Since we arrived early, we spend most of our time at Parkson and mababe bought a slipper from Vincci and some stationeries at Popular! Exactly at 530pm, we then headed to Tanjong Lubang and had Sotong masak sambal also Sotong goreng, Kerang Kicap, Udang masam manis, Ketam chilli and 2 types of veges also corn soup for dinner! And yes it’s still early for dinner during that hour hehehe

And as for today, me and mababe start our morning with eating kebab for brunch while waiting for Excapade KB to open at 11am..We loves doing shopping at Supasave regardless of the price sometimes but again its great with all the fresh fruits, veges and varieties! And today mababe officially had her first Ben & Jerry Ice-cream and FINISHED ALMOST ALL by herself! But again it’s ok boO and I’m glad you love it as well! Spend all afternoon watching Chuck Season 3 and now I can’t wait for the next season! I’ve greys anatomy and ghost whisperer next hehehe

Ok guys, that’s all for now! Need to sleep right after this and hoping I can wake up to watch the final later at 230am..

Have a good night everyone and let’s sleep now to watch Spain celebrating their glory later!

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