Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Great Weekend!

Hope it is not too late to wish His Majesty a Happy 64th Birthday!Semoga dipanjangkan umur dan memerintah Negara dengan adil!Amin Amin Amin..On the 17th July HM went to KB for ramah mesra bersama rakyat and alhamdulillah everything went well..The weather was so hot and almost all were already ready at KBRC by 8am and HM arrived at around 1030am..

Maself and ma two sisters were there at around 8am and went straight to the padang since I was incharge to snap photos mainly for the JKR choir participants and alhamdulillah I managed!But it was a shame that I didn't managed to take any of HM photos NOT EVEN 1!I couldn't stand the heat as much as I wanted too!Feeling nausea and I failed again this year!Will try again next year Insyallah!Thanks to ma two sisters who were there with me and bought foods & drinks for me *Alhamdulillah*

Had ma rest and nap until mababe woke me up and brought Shish Lamb Kebab for me!Yeayyy Thanks boO *huGz* Alhamdulillah ma apetite is back to SQ1 hehehe..

After eating, resting and watching Andartu *Sorry if the title is wrong* movie, we then headed to Perayaan Bandar..It was raining heavily and alhamdulillah the rain stopped when we reached there..Gerai makanan and gerai jualan are way better then KB!Had our dinner at one of the stalls which is next to Wira *Sorry if I'm wrong* They serves a lot of foods from Nasi Ayam Penyet, Nasi goreng, Nasi & Kambing curry, Noodles and much more!Besides then the usual menu, there are Gearbox, BBQ wings, Tongkeng, lamb also satay which is not bad either!

After cruising around, we then headed to Nazmi Kiarong for kain raya shopping and headed back home finally!Alhamdulillah our journey were blessed and safely arrived!

Yesterday was another day with family but with mababe's!Ambuyat was one of the food serve along with soto and nasi ayam!SUPERB!Was damn bloated afterall and managed to catch up with one another since it's been a while I didn't have the chance to sit and talk with them!hehehe and also had the chance to see new born baby amni who is the daughter of Hj Shafie and Dk Affid..Tiny in size and long in length = Beautiful new born baby girl!

So, I think that's it for now..Have a great day ahead everyone!

But before I end up, please do drive safely since it's a rainy season now and obviously it will be until Hari Raya and even worst end of this year..Do buckle up, Use your indicator, Switch on your headlamp and PLEASE DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE!

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