Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nisfu Syaaban

Selamat Menyambut Nisfu Syaaban to all muslim and semoga Tuhan memberkati semua yang kita lakukan dan memelihara semua daripada bala dan azabnya AMIN AMIN AMIN..

Last monday we had a small gathering and function to celebrate Malam Nisfu Syaaban at our crib and alhamdulillah we managed to do it again this year..Our menu was Chicken curry, Butter milk prawns, Lamiding, Peria, fruits and Satay..Thanks to everyone who brought foods as well..Alhamdulillah again!

Another good things to do this month is berpuasa!Puasa might be easy for some people but as for me its kinda tough honestly!But alhamdulillah I'm proud of maself that this year I managed and left another 1 more day which will be tomorrow Insyallah..Ramadhan is inches away now and I hope I do it well this year!

This month will be a very busy month!Schedule is full with family functions at both sides, Perayaan, Work and much more..The only days I can relax is week days as for this month and wishing for a better days next month since it will be a fasting month for us muslims.

Last Saturday was a very hectic day with M.O.D Minister Visits to Kuala Belait and alhamdulillah everything went smooth!From Badas to Perumahan, Jabatan Ukur, Jastre, JKR HQ and finally Agis-Agis..Had lunch at Serikandi before the afternoon session and was only back home at 530pm but again I enjoyed much during the Minister visit!I just wish I have a full frame camera or wide lens at that time..Insyallah one day!

I SERIOUSLY need mini getaway..Doesn't matter where to as long as I got in a plane and away from Brunei for at least 2 days!I need to relax and do some retail therapy PLEASE!I'm thinking of going to KK but again mababe is commited with her volleyball tournament for this month and me going alone will be something tough to do MAYBE!Haven't try it yet except for business trip which was years back!

Another destination I have in mind is Singapore!Why?I wanna buy an iPad and iPhone 4..The price is way cheaper than Brunei as for now at QQestore, Deejay and Shopping.com..Most people ask me why do I have to wait for the Asian Version iPad to be released?Ma answer is that I can save some $$$..For the pre-asian version iPad 16gb Wifi + 3G is $12++ where as for the Asian version is only $928..Its $300 difference we are talking about here and with that money I can buy some accessories for the iPad instead of spending more on the Pre version which has totally the same features!Where as for the iPhone 4, they are selling it at $888 for 16Gb and $2588 in Brunei!!Crazeeeeyyyhhhh much huh!Now I've all the reasons to go to Singapore and buy those unless AV Electronics bring it in any time sooner then trip to Singapore will be cancel immediately hehehe..

Sorry if this posting bored you but I'm sure NOT!Else you won't read this now hehe..Anyway thanks for spending your time to read everything and I appreciate it much..

Have a great day ahead guys and to whom who's fasting right now, Happy fasting and semoga Allah memelihara anda semua =)

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