Monday, July 12, 2010

Glory Glory Spain!

Good Mornin dearest!I'm feeling so GREAT today due to Spain glory this morning!Hehehe..Managed to watch the whole match and it was not as good as i expected but somehow better!Ma dad was the only man in the house watching the football with emotions plus LOUD!I was pretty pissed off until the first and only goal by Iniesta after almost 2 hours of frustrated and emotional match!On the other hand, the Dutch could have win the world cup this year and Robben could scored twice!Whats interesting during the first half was the action did by De Jong which he accidentally gave a beautiful kick right at Xabi chest and was only given yellow card!*Lucky Him*

Enough said about the world cup and I already miss it much!I missed to stay up late just to watch it and being emotional as well as updating status at FB about the progress as well..Will be looking forward for the next worldcup at Brazil in 2014 Insyallah and as for now I need the Spain Away Jersey!A very nice 1 indeed. *BoO belikan me ah!*Hehehe

No more worldcup and its time for DVDs Marathon!Had finished watching Chuck Season 3 and now Grey's Anatomy!Oh, there is this 1 TV series Flash Forward which ma boss had recommend it to me and it was SUPERB!Ain't sure whether there will be another Season 2 but just hope they will produce the continuation!

Alright, this is it for now..Wishing you all the best and have a great day ahead!

Missin you boO *huGz*

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