Thursday, December 25, 2008


We would like to wish HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to our beloved parents..its their 26th anniversary dz year which was on da 24th Dec..We are so thankful to babah and mama wiv all da support, guidance and deir unlimited love..*huGz* no words can explain how thankful we r to have both of u..mudahan allah sentiasa melindungi dan menjadikan kedua nya suami isteri hingga ke akhirnya..AMIN..

Lastnyte we had majlis doa selamat mainly for family balah ma mum and for ma dad in da near future insyallah..we had our dinner at Aneka Rasa and tx 2 every1 yg dpt dtg semalam..afta dinner we watched YESMAN movie and it was super duper started at 1140pm n ended at nearly 130am..luckily we were cleepin over at Rizqun hehehe..

I reserved 2 rooms which was 1 room mainly for our parents since its their anniversary, we wana give dem some privacy hehehe wer s me, mababe and ma sistas at da other room..upon check-in, we unpack our stuffs and went for hitea..we were given 4 coupons for hi-tea and 4 coupons for breakfast..

Da hi-tea was quite alryte wiv da price of $5 per person..n da breakfast was fine too..after hi-tea we went to The Mall to buy anniversary card for our parents also thanks to mababe for buyin da oreo cheese cake from the Fun Bread..

Went back to da hotel and took our shower..headed to Aneka Rasa and waited for every1 der..Alhamdulillah all da foods cukup and ada labih lagi and its all nyaman..

Again thanks to every1 who were der lastnyte..

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