Monday, December 15, 2008

Transporter 3 & Sushi

Last week maself, mababe and nana went to Bdr for Sushi & Movie..we had our early dinner at Excapade Sushi Serusop..It was our 2nd time dinnin der..It was quite alryte and da ebi sushi was great dat day and da day before..

Afta sushi we went to cutepack which is juz nearby..rupanya sana byk all doz plastic cups, plates and macam2 lah and kinda interestin..lapas2 cuci mata dsana, we headed to The Mall and collect our movie tickets..its still kinda early sampai2 kami sampat ke shabby chic to browse few stuffs and went to AV Electronics..

At 730pm we went to da cinema and watched Transporter 3..Its kinda bored at da first part but great and amazin towards da end..I'll give a verdict of C+ tho..Afta movie, we den had our dinner at Jerudong..a2 pun makan ikut nafsu sha p nda jua abiz hehehe..

Anyway it was a great nyte for da three of us hehehe..Jan jara2 na ah..nanti2 g tani alan..

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