Saturday, December 13, 2008


MaBabe's car kana langgar at The Mall Gadong last few days..She parked her car at da basement parkin..surprisingly da lady yg hit her car inda realised..hmmm..cemana kah blh nda sadar atu me pun inda tau hehehe..

Waited for more den half n hour for da lady to come..kana anounced balik2 barutah timbul batang idungnya hehe..p nasib baik da lady pun nda kasar and talk nicely, so we discussed bout da matter professionally..

Brought da car to da agent and workshop and alhamdulillah nada we juz asked da lady 2 pay compound and she agreed..

So 2 all readers make sure u guys take note of da car no. and type of car which park infront, behind and next to ur car..Take Care now..

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