Monday, December 29, 2008

StarBucks CoFFee

We are currently at Starbucks Genting Highland coffee-ing hehehe..Since mata nda mau tidur so we guys lepak2 we arrived tadi, we checked in and went down to have dinner at McD..Ayam nya nda lah senyaman at brunei..hehehe..its really cold down here..rasa2 mcm d NY dulu hehehhe..

Ive nothin much to say for now bsides den enjoyin our day and nyte at Genting Highland..we will be off to Kuala Lumpur 2morow noon afta havin our breakfast and check out..adeey, mul & cuzy is stayin at awana which is 10mins from First World hotel..wer s maself, mababe, amoi & nana is enjoyin our coffee..

So till den *huGz*..Aneng & Lisa is in da rum sal aneng not feelin..ciannnn aneng..

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