Sunday, December 28, 2008

..Few Hours Left..

Good Mornin peepz..its 5am local tym now at Brunei Darussalam heheh..i arrived nearly 4am at mababe's houz juz was too early i noe hehehe but wat to do coz ma family is goin 2 kk too 2day so ma dad drop me off at mababe's houz..

Our flight will be at 3pm 2day headin 2 KL and we will be off from houz at 12pm later..hopefully nothin come up later and go smoothly..AMIN..Oh btw, thanks to mababe for cookin me Mee Asam Laksa heheh..i was damn starvin teramat sangat and thanks to u baby..*huGz*

I wana clep for a while but ma eyes cudnt shut..sigh..juz cudnt wait to arrive at KLIA l8r hehehe..Lastly i wana wish SELAMAT TAHUN BARU HIJRAH and HAPPY ADVANCE NEW YEAR to all u guys out der..may new year bring more happiness, longevity, success and much more..

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